Creating Identity

How is a brand made? How is an identity created? How is uniformity, with creative leeway and variation, established? In The Seven Essentials of Graphic Design, Goodman suggests that every element of a company’s package or product shares “an identical ideal essence” (92). She adds that it is this ideal essence that “people register and use … More Creating Identity

The Rhythm of Falling Typography

I often take words for granted. Signs, posters, headlines, captions, labels, titles, publicity. So much visual stimuli surrounds us, and often I find myself numb to the words and images swirling around me. I consume the words around me voraciously, grossly under-appreciating and taking for granted the creativity, skill, discernment and time behind typography. We are … More The Rhythm of Falling Typography

The Reality of Photographic Truth

Pictures are powerful. They document life on a micro and macro level, from one’s favorite memories while vacationing in Hilton Head to the horrors of napalm attacks during the Vietnam War. Personal achievements, trips, friends, community to documentation of war and epidemics and displacement. Photographs profoundly influence the way I imagine the world. Cartwright and Sturken write, … More The Reality of Photographic Truth

Blog As Brand

I first entered the blogosphere in high school with the Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond, a California native, married a rancher man and started writing about her “long transition from city girl to domestic country wife.” Her world was so intriguing, especially because I grew up an hour outside of Los Angeles and could never imagine … More Blog As Brand

The Truth of the Matter in Journalism & Blogging

The Internet was a catalyst for self-publishing. With the cost of distribution eliminated, freedom of speech took on a whole different meaning. The press was truly free. Jill Walker Rettberg explores how bloggers, twenty-first century “citizen journalists,” dance into the world of journalism while keeping one foot firmly planted in the realm of subjectivity. Many times … More The Truth of the Matter in Journalism & Blogging

Crafting a Good Story

Unity is crucial to good writing. But what unifies? So often I start leaking my thoughts onto the page before I’ve even decided what style I want to write in. Zinsser identifies the following as the main choices creating unity: Pronoun unity (1st, 2nd, 3rd person) Tense unity (past, present, future) Mood unity (casual voice or … More Crafting a Good Story